Every client’s projects and needs are tailored and designed personally, therefore providing an exact price for each is difficult to achieve online as there are many things to take into consideration, such as house size and customer specific design. However as a guide please see below for some pricing examples. 

Please note this is hardware cost only and does not include design, configuration and installation.



This option will give you automatic lighting, zoned heating and security features. You’ll be able to control all of these from simplified switches in each room and the Loxone app. 


With the addition of dimmable lighting, some coloured lighting and multiroom audio this option offers you even more functionality in your home.


With coloured, dimmable lighting throughout, more rooms with audio and the addition of a video intercom this package encompasses more extensive functionality with a refined finish.


Pricing AV Technical

Save up to 20% on your central heating bill with a fully installed energy saving control system. This smart system integrates with your existing central heating allowing it to be controlled via schedules or the free app which can be installed on all tablets/smart phones and desktops.  Starting prices for hardware, programming and install start at £1999.99 **Please note this is based on the average 3 bedroom home with 7 radiators and prices vary based on our customers needs ** It can even be set up to turn off if it detects a door is open or motion has not been detected for a while to save energy at an extra cost .

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