Assisted Living

Why you and your customer should consider passive monitoring for assisted living.

  • Our society is ageing and as the years go by the number of elderly is increasing. Home and building automation can contribute to help older people stay at their home longer.
  • The aim of Ambient Assisted Living is to use intelligent solutions to improve the quality of life of vulnerable people and to enable them to live independently for as long as possible, even if they suffer from physical and/or mental disabilities. The needs and wishes of the elderly and their carers are the starting point on which certain solutions are integrated.
  • Research has shown that the elderly often fear the loss of their independence and privacy more than death. Unlike camera surveillance or active monitoring devices, Loxone technology passively keeps watch by monitoring habitual patterns through sensors.
  • Passive control is only part of the functionality offered by AV Technical for ambient assisted living purposes. Thanks to the far-reaching automation, potential risks can be identified, visual and/or acoustic messages can be provided, fall prevention can be further developed and lifestyle monitoring can be integrated. What’s more, everything happens automatically so that the residents do not have to do a thing.

What AV Technical Can Offer?

  • Fall control
  • Emergency button
  • Automatic access for emergency services
  • Detection of none typical behaviour
  • Caller Alert service
  • Heating and lighting control (money saving)

Fall Control

The fall control triggers an alarm chain as soon as there is a fall of which you can not recover on your own. The principal behind it works like this, the resident gets out of bed at night to go to the toilet the presence detector in the bedroom detects the movement and a follow up time begins in which further movement must be detected before the alarm starts. If the person now walks down the hall towards the bathroom the next presence is detected and a new run on time begins. If the person falls down and stops moving within the range of the next presence sensor an alarm is triggered after the defined time.

Emergency Button

Assisted Living AV Technical
Assisted Living AV Technical

The Wrist button is worn comfortably on the wrist and enables an action to be triggered quickly and easily – from unlocking an electric door to triggering an alarm sequence.

  • Comfortable and hygienic silicone wristband
  • Can be used with many third-party 18mm wristbands
  • Ability to cancel false triggers with a long press
  • Splash resistant ip64 rated

The button can trigger almost any action you want based on the features you have in your home – arming the burglar alarm, turning off the TV, opening the garage, etc. Plus as its wireless, it can be placed almost anywhere in your home.

Assisted Living AV Technical

Other features

  • Break in routines – For example if the kettle has not been boiled by a certain time in the morning alerts can be sent out to family members.
  • Visual feedback – If you are hard of hearing, when somebody comes to the door we can flash the lights instead of a door bell noise.
  • Audible feedback – If you are visually impaired we can use the speakers to give feedback on if you have left a door or window open.
  • Water sensors – If a bath overflows family or carers can be alerted to check on the situation.
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