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In the past 18 years we have successfully completed over 3000, mostly B2B, projects nationwide. Our wide range of skills include the installation & maintenance of: CCTV, Audio-Visual, Door Access, Fire/Alarm, IT and networking design systems.

 Our mission to become a more enhanced and green company with a passion for technology advanced when we became qualified Loxone partners and installers. Our expertise combined with Loxone’s product is a powerful combination and means we can achieve all of our client’s building automation requirements, whether domestic or commercial. With a Loxone building automation system installation not only will you free up a lot of wasted time on day-to-day tasks, you will also enjoy the added significant benefit of saving energy and money as well.

What is Home Automation?

Home automation is the automatic control of household features such as lights,shading, audio and much more. In basic terms, it means you can easily control the utilities and features of your home via the app or schedules to make life more convenient, and even spend less on household bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

HOME AV Technical

What can we offer?

In simple terms we can offer just about anything you would do in your home with conventional switches or thermostats, whether that would be setting up lighting moods, door access, burglar or fire alarms. The possibilities are quite simply endless, please see the video at the top of the page under see the future to get a full idea of what can be achieved.

HOME AV Technical

Customisable touch control to manually control everyday tasks such as lighting, room audio blinds and more. Replacing the need for lots of conventional switches

Sit back and relax, let automation do all the work, this could be turning the lights on, playing music when someone enters the room or have a schedule to turn the central heating on or open your blinds. The possibilities are endless.

HOME AV Technical
HOME AV Technical

Get alerts/calls for many things such as smoke/intruder alarm, door intercom and more. Change and control lighting moods/scenes, select which playlist or radio station you want to listen to, alternatively  change blind positions.

HOME AV Technical

Money Saving

The Nest home automation manufacturer released a study that estimated a 10%-12% increase in heating efficiency, and a 15% increase in cooling efficiency for the average owner of a smart thermostat.

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Time Saving

Our smart homes take care of everday tasks, saving you up to 50,000 tasks a year. Allowing for a stress free life with more time. 

HOME AV Technical

Save energy Costs

We use a wide range of processes and parameters to ensure energy is only being used when needed, making your carbon footprint a lot more eco friendly but also saving money on bills.

HOME AV Technical


Fully Tailored to every customers needs, At AV Technical we do not believe in having a sales person as we will only sell what you require and not addons that are not necessary. This means you will always speak to a knowledgeable Engineer either on the Phone or in person.

We Are Pleased To Announce We are a Qualified Loxone Silver Partner.

Why choose Loxone ?

There are numerous reason to opt for a Loxone smart home. Intuitive control, endless possibilities, affordability, etc. With Loxone, your entire home will work as one harmonious system meaning the lighting, heating, blinds and more work in tandem together to create a truly intelligent home.



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